Künstlerische Anfänge

My Art Graduation

During the time of 1978 to 1982 i studied macro economics and graduated as "Dipl.-Volkswirt". I was asked to show what i drawed in that time.  I made a lot of mini pictures and nearly 50 portraits of famous persons. The minis i selled and the portraits i gave away to friends.


These both i own till jet.


                                                       Mini "Französisches Bergdorf"

                                           Black painted with 0,18 mm Rapidographen.

                                                                72 mm.




                                                                      Portrait "Friedrich Engels"

                                                     Black painted with 0,18 mm Rapidographen.

                                                                              110 X 130 mm


Also i had done portaits of "Käthe Kollwitz", "Albert Einstein", "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe", "Rosa Luxenburg", "Leonardo da Vinci", "Albrecht Dürer", "Anna Seghers", "Ernst Barlach", "Karl Marx", "Maxim Gorki" and some others. They are all signed with sy'80 or sy'81.




This LP player i designed, constructed and build up in 1984.

Also i designed a few others, but i only realized this one.

It is completeley massiv metall and stone,

its weight is much more than 100 kg's.


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