Roland Strykala

The Bali Art Experience  

                                                                                                                                                                         An Enterprice of Creativ Art

For the last eight years my wife Christel and me worked only at one project:

The Lost Paradise

It will become a little garden about 3.000 qm, an art object at once. It has many plants and art objects of us. We have planted more than 300 different kind of trees and many, many other plants. We build up three immobil art objects. The first one is alredy done, you see it above, it's called "The Turtle". It stands for the thought of protection. Any garden ist a protected piece of earth and the people work in  their gardens to protect their lifes. The turtle is the symbol for protection in many philosophies, religions and kind of thinkings. It stands to the north and protect also sensitiv plants against our hard east wind. But we will build two more objects like this. The second is "The Sanctum". It is build up in the bare brickwork. You can take a look at the actualities. It stands for the feeling, veneration and every of the great five religions, hinduism, buddhism, jewry, christianity, islam get a place with an one done art work. It exists of an entrance with the art objects and a patio. In the patio we will grow up the four trees of eden. The third one is in planing, it will stand for the sence smell.                                                                     



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